In the real estate industry all agencies and agents claim to be or have something unique or special, we only make one claim, if you are not happy with our service we will refund our fees paid by you, no questions asked.

Mission Statement

We are one of the most prestigious Real Estate Agency in Zetland, specialise in Property Management, Property Sales and Buyers Agent service.

Whether you are looking to sell, lease or buy a property we will help you to achieve that goal with a ViVid plan and Land You in Your Dream Home.

Contact us on 9055 2155

Our Promise

At ViVid Land we promise to:

1. Deliver a First-Class Service

2. Be transparent and truthful in all our dealings

3. Be available, to the utmost of our ability, when and where you need us

4. Deliver on our agreement in a timely manner

5. Use the latest in innovation and technology

6. Contribute positively to our community and country

7. Stay true to our moral compass

8. Uphold ethical and professional standards in our daily interactions

9. Protect your privacy and personal details at all costs

10. Work with Dedication, Passion and Attention so you can be at ease.